Qmote S Golden Amber

Qmote S (Golden Amber) - Single Button Remote that Controls Smart Devices

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Want to control your smart devices remotely with only one single button? Qmote S does it all with the click of a button. Qmote S is a Bluetooth smart button that allows you to control your smartphone/tablet even when it is out-of-reach.

Along with Qmote free app, Qmote S uses predefined click patterns to control various functions and apps on your smartphone/tablet. With the click of a Qmote S, you can play music from a variety of music apps, take a photo, make/answer a call, control your presentation, start your navigation, get a Uber ride, toggle your LIFX or WeMo light, control your GoPro camera, find your phone, and even make a fake call to get out of awkward situation. With full integration with IFTTT, Wemo, LIFX, Muzzley, Zapier, and GoPro, the span of your control is as vast as your imagination!

* Features / extent of automation limited by iOS / Android version

  • IP57 waterproof rating which means Qmote can be used safely indoor or outdoor even in the presence of rain, snow, or brief splashes of water
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 provides up to 1-year battery life with replaceable battery
  • Up to 6 smartphones/tablets can be paired with 1 Qmote device (only 1 connected at a time)
  • Up to 9 click patterns where each pattern can trigger multiple actions
  • Support OTA (over-the-air) updates which means that the device firmware can be easily upgraded by you. In other words, you’ll be able to upgrade your Qmote to its best performance.


1.5"L x 1.3"W x 0.2"H


6 grams


CR1620 coin cell (last up to 1 year)


Bluetooth Smart (Bluetooth 4.0)


iOS 8 & later

Android 5.0 & later

Mac OS X 10.9 & later

Windows 8 & later

System Requirement

Qmote App (Free App)

The Qmote app is used only for configuration. Simply choose a preferred click combination, assign it to a function, and that’s it.


1 year

1 Qmote S Device

1 CR1620 Coin Cell Battery

Keychain & 3M Reusable Sticker

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