Family Set - 4 Qmote S

Family Set - 4 Qmote S

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Why separate devices to control your smart home, your music, or your camera? Qmote S does it all with the click of a button. No wonder it was a Kickstarter Staff Pick! Qmote S is a multifunctional, single button remote. Pairing up with your phone via Bluetooth Low Energy, Qmote S uses predefined click patterns to control various functions on your smartphone. Qmote S overcomes the hassle of finding your phone and searching through a myriad of apps to perform various functions through a shortcut. 

With the cloud integration, you can control all the bundled free app which makes Qmote S an invaluable component to IoT. Sky is the limit! Qmote S also supports OTA (over-the-air) updates. This means the device firmware can be easily upgraded by you as new features are added. Housed in a metallic-looking case, Qmote S makes an exquisite gift or a fine personal accessory.


  • Intuitive single button remote to control your smartphone
  • Bluetooth Low Energy 4.0 provides excellent battery life
  • Water and snow resistant with IP57 waterproof rating, so Qmote S can be used safely indoor and outdoor
  • Up to 6 phones can be paired with 1 Qmote S device (only 1 connected at a time)
  • Up to 10 customizable actions can be performed with 1 Qmote S device
  • Pre-defined Qmote S actions includes Camera Shutter, Phone Finder, Start Navigation, Siri Activation (iOS9 & below), Smarthome Control, Uber Ride Request, Music Control, Record Audio & Video, Send Location, Make a Fake Call, Presentation Control, Muzzley Integration, WeMo Integration, IFTTT integration, LIFX integration, Zapier integration, and many more!

* Features / extent of automation limited by iOS / Android version 


    Compatible with:

    iOS devices

    • iPhone 4s & later
    • iPad 3 & later
    • iPad mini & later
    • Running at least iOS 8 

    Android devices

    • Android 5.0 & later
    • with Bluetooth Smart Ready

    Platforms for Presenter Mode

    • Mac OS X 10.9 & later
    • Windows 8 & later

    During usage Qmote S requires:

    Qmote App

    The Qmote app is used only for configuration. Simply choose a preferred click combination, assign it to a function, and there you go! 



    Qmote S Device
    4 CR1620 Coin Cell Battery
    Keychain & 3M Reusable Sticker


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